About Me

I was born in Budapest and grew up in Eastern Europe. After my studies in England, I travelled, worked and lived in many places in Europe and Asia. I am an economist with a focus on development issues and public policy. 

During my work I learned to appreciate the power of photos, and photography has become my second profession. An image or a photo essay depicting the dire situation of homeless people, migrant workers or highlighting gender inequality rallies much more public support for change than a lengthy research report on the topic.

I spend much time with exploring neighborhoods to see where and how people live and work, and to talk to them to understand their stories before taking photos. Also, I often wander in markets, railway stations and other public places where human activity unfolds to capture moments of drama, humor and humanity in our fast-paced life. Telling stories through pictures is my passion.

I am based in Budapest and Bangkok, and I regularly travel for photography around Southeast Asia - the region I know the best.

See some of my projects on LensCulture:  https://lensculture.com/gyorgy-sziraczki

Some of my works are now also on my OpenStudio: https://openstudios.in/gyorgy-sziraczki. They are available in limited edition prints, fine art quality only via @openstudios.in and professionally printed by PICTO labs. #openstudios.in

Group Exhibitions

Nocturnal, International Photography Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2018

Lines and Curves, International Photography Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2018

Urban, International Photography Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2019

Monochrome, International Photography Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest 2019

Nyitott(PH21) Galéria, Bakáts Fesztivál, 2019

15 fotográfus, PH21 Gallery, Szkéné Színház Galériája, 2019

On the block – Images from the street, House of Lucie, Los Angeles, 2019

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