"Temple of electricity" - The abandoned Kelenfold power plant

When the Kelenföld Power Station in Budapest opened in 1914 it was the most technologically advanced power station in Europe. It served the electricity demand of the surrounding districts of the city for decades. The Kelenföld Power Station is a masterpiece of industrial design thanks to two Hungarian architects, Kálmán Reich and Virgil Borbíro. The jewel of the plant is the control centre that has an impressive glass ceiling covering the entire room. The beautiful Art Deco glass ceiling and intricate switches, knobs and gauges of the control room together with haunting hallways, silent chambers, and charming staircases form a shrine to electricity. The power plant was closed in 2005, and since then it has been decaying and falling apart. Many pieces of the old equipment have been destroyed, and parts of the building is dangerous to walk. A technological marvel at the time, it lies now abandoned and closed off, only opened for occasional visits. Under law, the building cannot be demolished. Hopefully, it will be renovated and opened as a museum in the future.

I took the image below in the control room. For more images, see: https://gyorgy.pictures/projects/


Mujko the court fool, Szekesfehervar

Mujko, statue of court fool

Mujko, statue of court fool

After five months in Bangkok, I am excited about taking photos in Hungary again. This image is from Szekesfehervar, one of the oldest city in the country. Stephan I (1000-1038), the first king of Hungary, built it up as the capital of the Hungarian Kingdom. Five centuries later the city was occupied by the Turks and destroyed when they withdrew at the end of the 17th century.  It also suffered serious damages from the Second World War. Now Szekesfehervar is a booming city with county status, and it has a beautifully renovated medieval city center. In the photo, Mujko (the statue of the court fool)  in the air sits on a wire rope and balancing with a long rod in his left hand – a reminder of Szekesfehervar's status as a crowning city centuries ago.